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Are you studying an Aged Care, Disability  or Community Services course and looking for an organisation to do your placement ?

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Student Placements:

Gateway Community Services provides students an opportunity to get an understanding of a variety of different roles that support the Community Services Sector.


Gateway Community services specialises:

  • Social support for those aged 65 DOH (Federal - Department of Health)

  • Disability Respite NDIS (Federal - National Disability  Insurance Scheme)

  • Support for Carers DHHS  (State - Department of Health and Human Services)

  • Social Support  HACC(State - Home and Community Care)

  • Volunteering

  • Community Transport

  • Community Welfare checks

  • Cultural And Linguistic Diverse Social groups


Gateway offers hands on learning in the following areas:


One time placement (up to 200 hours)

Volunteer Induction

Students are required to go through a volunteer induction when they first arrive on placement.  Gateway’s induction process allows for all volunteers and student the opportunity to understand Gateway organisational structure, the activities on offer, the people Gateway services and the legalities of volunteering.


Organisational overview

Students will be taken through the history of Gateway and how it has developed over the years.  They have the opportunity to learn the different funding models and the commitments required once an agreement has been accepted by the organisation to support government funded contracts. Conducted by Team Leader.


Client intake overview   

Client intake comes through many avenues depending on age, disability and health.  Understanding the criteria a new client would need to meet to have access to support and how referrals are received, whilst touching on client advocacy.


Hands on experiences

The bulk of first placement would be having students support a variety of different programs:

  • Centre based programs for over 65’s

  • Community based programs for over 65’s

  • Disability Social & Recreational activities

  • Warm Water Exercise programs 

  • Carer Support programs


All these activities are modeled on the Department of Health - Wellness & Reablement principles


Gateway Community Services provides a reputable service and the learning that a student can achieve by being placed with Gateway is invaluable.

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