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 Complaints Information                                                

Making a complaint:

Gateway Community Services (GCS) is committed to providing high quality services however we may not always get it right. You can let us know where we have made a mistake by making a complaint.

GCS takes all complaints seriously and welcomes them as an opportunity to improve the services we provide.


What can I make a complaint about?

You have the right to complain to GCS, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission or the Disability Services Commissioner regarding any incident or issue that occurs during the delivery of our services, or in connection to our services.


Your Rights:

We are committed to upholding your rights as a Client, including the right to:

  • Be free from any reprisal following a complaint, such as any change to, or cancellation of services

  • Be supported to report your complaints to the Aged Care Commission or Disability Services Commissioner if you are not satisfied with the way we respond to your complaint

  • Be involved in decisions related to resolving a complaint

  • Have your privacy and confidentiality protected

  • Remain anonymous if you choose


How to make a complaint?

You can submit a complaint by:

  • Speaking to a Staff Member or Management

  • Submitting a completed Complaints and Grievance Form and handing it to a Staff Member, Management or to Reception at the GCS Office

  • Sending in a written complaint  

  • Handing in a written complaint to Reception at the GCS Office

  • Phone

  • Submitting a feedback form on

  • Contacting the Aged Care Commission

  • Contacting the Disability Services Commissioner


Our complaints procedure:

  • Some complaints may be able to be resolved on the spot, while others may require more investigating and time. GCS Management will discuss with you (and your family/carer/advocate) all the details of the complaint, including the outcomes you would like to see and expected time frame for a resolution.

  • If appropriate, we will conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding your complaint

  • You will receive information on the outcomes of your complaint and be given the chance to ask for a review or refer the complaint to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission or the Disability Service Commissioner

  • We will use your complaint to review our systems, policies and procedures to improve our services


Our obligations:

For all complaints made to GCS we will:

  • Treat all complainants with dignity and respect

  • Attempt to resolve the issue to the best outcome for all parties

  • Keep you informed of developments regarding your complaint

  • Provide support to access translation, advocacy, other support services where appropriate

  • Report any breaches of legislation to the relevant authority




Gateway Community Services

Mail:         43 Paxton Street, South Kingsville VIC 3015

Phone:     03 9399 3511



Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Mail: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, GPO Box 9819 (In your capital city)

Phone: 1800 951 822 (free call)


Disability Services Commissioner

Mail: Level 20, 570 Bourke St Melbourne Vic 3000

Complaints hotline: 1800 677 342

Complaints email:

General office enquiries: 1300 728 187

General office email:

TTY: 1300 726 563

National Relay Service: and then 1800 677 342

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