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 Your Feedback is important                                   

Gateway Community Services actively seeks the input of clients (and stakeholders) and encourages them to provide feedback, both positive and negative, as a source of ideas for improving services and activities. The organisation will:

  • Foster a service culture that encourages open and honest communication

  • Inform Clients about the standard of service they can expect

  • Protect the rights of Clients (and Stakeholders) to provide feedback and to make complaints about service delivery

  • Encourage and make it easy for people to provide feedback

  • Provide anonymity to people who choose to remain anonymous when providing feedback

  • Record and analyse information rising from feedback and use it to improve services

Anonymous feedback


When providing feedback, only fields with an asterisks are required. This includes your email address.  If you wish to submit anonymous feedback, you may do so by entering the following email address in the email address field:

Feedback Form

Thanks! Message sent.

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