Social & Recreational (NDIS)

Join our fun and interesting social & recreational groups and come along to great events, venues,

activities and eateries in and around Melbourne. 
Got a bunch of friends you’d like to spend more time with? We’ll even help you tailor an activity group of your own.


We currently have FOUR weekly Social Groups and can offer weekend and evening activities interest. 

Movies with friends? Trip to the museum? A swim at the pool or games in the park? We can organise a different activity for you and your friends almost every day of the week.







Support Coordination (NDIS)


Gateway can assist you with Support Coordination to connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports and help with maintaining support relationships, resolve service delivery issues and coordinate supports froma range of services


Development Life Skills (NDIS)

Interested in learning new life skills? Exploring future pathways to employment? Gateway Disability Social 
Groups are an opportunity to learn in a fun and supportive environment - all part of a great day out.

If you’re itching to get out there, have a chat with our NDIS Transitional Officer today and we’ll help you make a plan to get more out of life
- your way!